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Thank you for visiting my site. I hope it was helpful in your search for information on this important subject. When this unfortunate time does arrive, I truly believe that this book will help lessen any burden for your family and friends during this very difficult time.

If your service is personalized, family and guests who attend might have a more intimate experience, and be left with an everlasting impression of you and your life.

Whose funeral is it, anyway? Why, it’s yours, of course! Death is one topic that many people feel dreadfully uncomfortable discussing. Planning a funeral, burial, or service for a loved one can be devastating. So, why would you consider planning such a morbid event in advance? Well, it’s because you may have the slightest desire to be included in at least a few of the decisions when planning your own funeral, burial or services.
I believe that the attendees at a funeral, burial, or service deserve to learn more about the life and character of the deceased. Wouldn’t you want everyone who attended your funeral, burial, or services to know what an amazing person you were? Wouldn’t you like them to walk away with more than just tears and sadness? How about if they learned more about your hobbies and interests? What if they discovered that you rescued animals, loved children, loved a particular sport, or enjoyed books, traveling, and classical music? Maybe they could have learned that you had contributed much of your time and energy to various charities. What about the awards you received, the offices you held, the organizations in which you were affiliated.
I truly believe that if your service was personalized, family and guests who attended might have a more intimate experience and leave with an everlasting impression of you and your life. This is a Funeral Journal. It is a collection of personal thoughts and wishes that you'd like to be greatly considered to be incorporated into your own funeral/burial services.

Angela Met Lynn Doyle at Ben FM Women             of     the Week Luncheon

Angela met Meredith Vieira at Ben FM Woman of the Week Luncheon on April 13, 2015!

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